Donna Haire

Success Story

Donna Haire of Batesburg-Leesville, S.C., began her career in truck driving after serving 10 years as a school bus driver. Her dedication to her job has resulted in several awards: 2020 Driver of the Year out of 48 states, Driver of the Year for Women in Trucking, and the April Driver of the Month in North Carolina.

Unfortunately, Donna had to take a break from trucking after finding a lump under her right breast. After multiple biopsies and scans, she was diagnosed with Stage 1 malignant breast cancer. She underwent a lumpectomy; however, the tumor appeared to be larger than expected. Her doctor removed as much as possible, including three lymph nodes. Shortly after, Donna began experiencing pain, and it was discovered the cancer had spread to her spine and was now Stage 4. She began chemotherapy and became very sick, losing all her functions. Donna returned to the hospital, where she stayed for 10 days before transferring to Lexington Regional Rehabilitation Hospital (LXRRH).

While at LXRRH, Donna had a great experience, and says she was given her life back. “They push you to do better,” Donna says. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be walking. To the staff, thank you for the hard work you put in. You care about your patients.”

Donna says she recommends LXRRH to anyone who needs rehabilitation. “They do a great job, and the food was terrific,” she says. “Listen to the therapists, do what they say, and just enjoy your stay here so you’ll get better soon.”

Donna says she’s now looking forward to dancing in the streets when well enough.